About Us

Net2Net Technologies , an integrated solutions Company, involved in developing web based software products and enterprise solutions. Products range from customer relationship management to hosted advertising servers and much more.


Web Design & Development

Net2Net Technologies has a well-defined and mature application development .

Software Development

The provide consultancy and programming services to our clients ..

Internet Marketing & SEO/SMO

Our full-service approach, extensive knowledge of the technology.

Outsourcing with Net2Net Technologies

Successful companies are often faced with personnel shortages, which may be caused by several factors such as a new product launch, increased customer service demands, debt collection, etc. Certainly it would be ideal for a company to simply hire a new management team and personnel, but economics, space requirements and time considerations required to implement these changes could be the difference between a successful project and a failed one. Therefore it is better to outsource the entire new project as it:

» Lets you focus on core business only
» Reduces capital costs of infrastructure
» Improves employee satisfaction with higher value addition jobs
» Makes best use of competitive resources available worldwide
» Reduces Recruiting Expenses

India Advantage

India has inherent strengths, which have made it a major success as an outsourcing destination. The major ones are:

» Booming IT industry, with IT strengths recognized all over the world
» The largest English-speaking population after the USA.
» Cost-effective manpower
» Government supportive of such activities
» Excellent training infrastructure
» Excellent Telecom infrastructure in major cities